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WFFRC Director

Winslow Hansen

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Community of Practice, Mechanisms of Forest Resilience, Projecting Forests & Fire

Winslow Hansen
Winslow Hansen

Dr. Winslow Hansen is the founding director of the Western Fire and Forest Resilience Collaborative. He leads efforts to integrate field measurements, remote sensing, and process-based modeling to understand how fires and forests may change over the next century and what it means for people who live in the West.

Winslow's research program focuses on advancing knowledge of the changing Earth system by uncovering rules that govern interactions and feedback among forests, disturbances, and climate. He is an assistant scientist at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and affiliate faculty with Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology at Columbia University and the International Arctic Research Center at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

For two decades, Winslow has conducted research across western North America, from New Mexico to interior Alaska.

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