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Volker Radeloff

University of Wisconsin


Tracking Forests & Fire, Consequences for Ecosystem Services

Volker Radeloff
Volker Radeloff

Dr. Radeloff's focus in the collaborative is the wildland-urban interface, the area where houses and wildland vegetation meet or intermingle. The WUI is where wildfire risk to people and their homes is highest, and also where prescribed and cultural burning is especially challenging. The WUI is also important when estimating smoke effects on people, past and future fire risk and vegetation responses, and biodiversity effects of future fires, so he looks forward to collaborate within the team.

Volker's background is a mix of remote sensing, landscape ecology, and GIS, which is quite useful when mapping the WUI with high resolution across the western United States, modeling fire risk, and assessing how biodiversity is affected by too many fires in some areas and not enough fires elsewhere.

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