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Brian Harvey

University of Washington


Mechanisms of Forest Resilience, Tracking Forests & Fire

Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey

Dr. Brian Harvey is WFFRC’s team lead for Tracking Forests and Fire, where he will be directing research quantifying how and why fire regimes and resulting forest structure/function are changing across the western US. His research is grounded in an extensive network of long-term field plots where detailed measurements are collected on forest structure (e.g., stand structure), function (e.g., fuel profiles), and disturbance magnitude (e.g., fire effects), and then integrated with large spatial datasets (e.g., remote sensing data) and analyses to build insights across scales.

Brian’s work informs scientific understanding in fire ecology, forest ecology, landscape ecology, disturbance ecology, and community ecology, and is regularly co-produced with partners and stakeholders to connect scientific understanding of forest disturbances with forest management.

Over the last two decades, he has conducted research on the fire ecology of forests in the western US, specifically in the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and coastal California.

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